Bryony Harrison-Miller, Communications & Sustainability at Get Set Hire, explains how tackling transport emissions from your production can be supported by your production partners. This may enable you to significantly reduce advertising production emissions.


  • They moved their owned fleet to run on biofuel which resulted in a 90% reduction of CO2e
  • The Get Set Hire warehouse is powered by renewable energy to reduce overhead emissions
  • Equipment that is hired out for production has been carefully chosen to reduce emissions
Get Set Hire van running on Green D+ to reduce advertising production carbon emissions

Who are we?

At Get Set Hire we provide behind-the-scenes equipment rental for advertising productions. We have built sustainability into our company ethos, and it has been a driving factor for many companywide changes we have made over the last 10 years. We are continuously searching for innovative ways to decarbonise the production process. We aim to set a precedent for how advertising content is created, and reduce advertising production emissions.



The switch

Our most recent development was the transition of all owned vehicles to run-on Green D+. Green S+ is a Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) diesel substitute fuel made from certified waste material. This fuel can reduce a van’s carbon emissions by around 90%. Data from the 8 months leading up to January 2023 showed us that this transition had resulted an incredible 52% reduction in CO2 emissions across the whole fleet of owned and hired vehicles!

We know from working with AdGreen that travel and transport is often the largest part of a production’s carbon footprint. This is an area where we knew we could focus our efforts to provide an alternative solution for our customers.

There are other initiatives that we are equally proud to share. From powering our warehouse with renewable energy, to promoting the use of battery powered electric generators, and supplying 100% compostable cups and water coolers on set. We also pioneered the use of Ram Board, a recycled and sustainable temporary floor protector, within the industry.

Achieving a low carbon footprint on a production is a collaborative process. As a supplier we want to ensure we can deliver, and potentially even surpass, the sustainability aims of the production teams we work with.




If you want to reduce your impact, check out the carbon calculator to help you measure. You can also the AdGreen resources to help you reduce!