At AdGreen we unite the advertising industry to eliminate the negative environmental impacts of production, and enable the community to measure and understand waste and carbon impacts, empowering them to act for zero waste / zero carbon. It's where low impact counts!

We don’t consult on individual productions, we focus on the bigger picture, creating tools, resources and training for everyone to access in order to accelerate change. The levy enables us to provide these free at the point of use, resulting in a carbon-literate workforce adept at producing work on a reduced carbon budget. We also analyse the carbon calculator’s dataset to assess where infrastructure projects can support a faster shift to net-zero – and then work with biggest suppliers (transport, studios, generators, equipment) to make this possible.

AdGreen is UK-based, however the carbon calculator uses local carbon factors when calculating emissions from production activities – wherever they take place. We plan to bring AdGreen to other production hubs soon, to provide the same infrastructure support and training to local teams. We already have a team in the Netherlands supporting the advertising production community there.

We are part of the Advertising Association, working in partnership with BAFTA and albert, and supported by leading industry players who share our vision. Reducing emissions from production is one of five recommendations from the Advertising Association's Ad Net Zero report.

AdGreen Overview

This video provides the basics on AdGreen, including what we offer and how we can support you to reduce production emissions.

We will cover:

What is AdGreen?
How AdGreen Began
How AdGreen Supports the Advertising Industry
Why Measurement and Reduction are Important
How we Keep Everything Free at the Point of Use

This session is suited to: 

Everyone working in advertising production

Running time: 23 minutes


Our advisory board is made up of leading industry players, and the UK advertising industry's key trade bodies, representing advertisers, advertising agencies, production companies and photographers. The board is chaired by Stephen Woodford, CEO of the Advertising Association and director of AdGreen.


Stephen Woodford

Stephen Woodford - Director

Stephen has been CEO of the Advertising Association since 2017, and is AdGreen's director. The Advertising Association acts for the whole industry – brands, media, agencies, production companies and other marketing services – and there is no more important programme than that to lead the UK advertising industry towards a low carbon future. The Advertising Association launched the two Climate Action working groups in 2019, leading to the publication of the Ad Net Zero strategy in 2020.

Jo Fenn

Jo Fenn - Founder & Global Director

Jo has worked in the advertising production industry since 2006, most recently as Head of Production for LS Productions, overseeing the production of some of the UK's largest service projects. Jo founded AdGreen in 2014. Initial collaboration with BAFTA's albert led her to create the AdGreen website and repository of resources (tested on her own shoots whilst a Production Manager). Jo heads up AdGreen, as Global Director, and is based at the Advertising Association.

Tricia Duffy

Tricia Duffy - Strategy Advisor

Tricia is the founder of Lily Grey, a consulting business specialising in strategic planning, business development, process improvements and change management. She has provided strategic oversight and direction to the albert project since 2014, as well as to BAFTA itself. Prior to this, she was Head of Transformation for BBC Television, where she was responsible for a £1bn savings programme and complex large-scale change and procurement projects. Tricia provides freelance strategic support  - with the unique insight afforded by advising both AdGreen and albert.

Sophie Broadbent

Sophie Broadbent- Training Manager

Sophie brings 20 years of experience as a producer in commercials, broadcast, corporate films and VFX to the role, and has been an advocate for ‘green production’ throughout. The opportunity to educate the advertising production community about AdGreen's tools, resources and training allows Sophie to meet her goals of using her experience to support sustainability in the advertising industry and transitioning to a low-carbon career. Sophie volunteers widely in her community to help support positive social change and mental health and is studying part-time for a diploma in therapeutic counselling.

Cat Long

Cat Long - Carbon Calculator Manager

Cat joined us after 5 years as an agent at Vue Represents, working on everything advertising related for their roster of photographers, overseeing shoots and ensuring production ran as smoothly as possible. Previously working with AdGreen as the project assistant, Cat brings her experience supporting the users of the carbon calculator to her current role, now managing the tool's ongoing development and growing community.

Lauren McGee

Lauren McGee - Comms & Events Manager

Lauren brings years of experience managing events and communications to the role at AdGreen. With a background in theatre programming and production, she has worked across venues focusing on both entertainment and professional training. Alongside this she has gained agency experience, working on corporate communications and business development.


AdGreen are supported by Get Set Hire and Travlrr in the UK to deliver their events programme.

Providing behind-the-scenes equipment to TV commercials, dramas, film productions, photoshoots, and events, Get Set Hire have an extensive range of high-quality, useful shoot essentials – all delivered with a helpful and friendly round-the-clock delivery service.

Remote production network, Travlrr, delivers creative production and technology-led workflow solutions for in-house brand studios, agencies, production companies, and rights holders, with the purpose to reduce the carbon footprint of the advertising and production industry.



Emily Plunkett Fleischer
U.S. Director

Emily's 30-year-long career has been defined by a desire to understand the production process from every perspective: Emily executed million dollar budgets as a line producer for brands like American Airlines, Audi, and P&G, as well as launching a supplies rental company that became the go-to vendor for expendables in New York. She's also managed both producers and vendors on more than 300 jobs as a client. Most recently, Emily was a Manager of Broadcast Production at Verizon, where she helped divert 6.6 tons of waste from landfills, partnered with two inclusivity programs (Streetlights in LA and Made in NY), and became a certified COVID Compliance Officer (CCO).

In 2022, Emily was AdGreen's most prolific carbon calculator user, completing 49 projects on behalf of Mastercard, which was looking to establish a baseline, based on historical projects produced during 2021-2022.

Emily joined the team part time in 2023, to work with the U.S. advertising production community: from brands to creative agencies and production companies; helping them to understand how AdGreen's training, carbon calculator and resources can support them in measurement and reduction of emissions generated in producing advertising content. In addition to working with AdGreen, Emily also runs Maidstone Films, a production solutions company.


AdGreen The Netherlands was launched in 2022 as a foundation and started by a group of volunteers. Setting up Dutch organisations and reviewing of Dutch projects is done by the local team. In the near future, AdGreen's exiting resources will be adapted for the Dutch content industry.

Tobias Wilbrink
Director, The Netherlands

Tobias is best described as a passionate entrepreneur. As Head of Production and Partner at Wefilm Amsterdam (2010-2017) he gained a clear understanding of how to market products and ideas. In 2019 he graduated at the Blekinge Institute of Technology Sweden: Master's in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability. Tobias combines his film and marketing skills with his passion for sustainability. In doing so, he desires to contribute his part to a thriving planet where organisations, as well as individuals, consider sustainability in their decision making.

Marty Keizer
Support & Online Tool Manager

Marty has been working in production since 2009. Most recently as a producer with production company Hazazah Film and Photography (2014-2022). Sustainability has always been a big part of her philosophy when producing projects. Since 2021 her interests started to shift from working in ‘hardcore’ production towards the sustainable side of production. Marty started AdGreen in the Netherlands together with a group of green-minded producers and is responsible for the day-to-day support of users and reviewing projects in the Carbon Calculator in the Netherlands.

Other ambassadors supporting
AdGreen The Netherlands:

Arthur Herpel
Bernd Out
Els Rientjes
Jacques Vereecken
Jasper Fraikin
Johanneke Hagenbeek
Maarten van Hemmen
Jan Peter Pellemans

Industry Partners, The Netherlands
In 2022 AdGreen The Netherlands was subsidized by Tick Fund to finance the start-up of the foundation. From 2023 AdGreen NL will be financially supported by the paid levy and supported by Dutch industry partners like brands and agencies that embrace sustainable production in the content industry.

Currently, about ten Dutch brands are registered in the Carbon Calculator. AdGreen The Netherlands offers support, tools and resources for free. KPN is the first dedicated industry partner in the Netherlands.

AdGreen The Netherlands is supported by trade bodies such as the bvA, VIA and producer association WAVE.