In the lead up to the 2023 Ad Net Zero Awards, AdGreen will be sharing Q&As from the finalists of the Best Practice in Sustainable Ad Production category.

This time we are hearing from MurphyCobb, who have been shortlisted for their work on ‘Reckitt Virtual Productions.

Get Set Hire van running on Green D+ to reduce advertising production carbon emissions

1. At what stage in the production process did environmental sustainability become part of the conversation?

Before production. Sustainability is major lens to assess production strategy.

2. Can you share any examples of decisions you made to reduce the carbon footprint of the production?

The most significant was shooting in the virtual studios. Moving away from diesel generators to eco friendlier grid power. Shifting from HMI lighting to LED. Not needing to move people from set to set, and no real big studio builds.

3. Did you learn anything useful about sustainable production on this shoot, that you will carry forward to other campaigns?

Yes, it’s been the baseline for our drive to Production Net Zero.

4. How did AdGreen’s training, calculator or resources support your reduction efforts?

The Calculator made visible what we were managing.

5. Did any of the decisions made to reduce the carbon emissions of your production affect the creative delivery of your ad?

No on the contrary, this liberated the creativity, encouraging us to a far more refined visualisation.

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