We're working on training as many people in the UK advertising production industry as possible, from creatives to crew and everyone in between. You'll find all available sessions here and to receive alerts when new sessions are released, sign up to our newsletter.


Want to meet our trainers? Read about them on our About Us page here. Looking for training on the carbon calculator specifically? Check out our resources here and sign up for a webinar here.

These free, 2 hour online training sessions are an opportunity for those working in the production of advertising in the UK to understand the key challenges we face, as well as what can be done at every level to promote environmental sustainability. All available sessions are on our Eventbrite page and each session is open for booking 2 weeks ahead.


Trainees who have reserved a space will be sent some short homework (20 mins max) the day before the session - and email reminders from Eventbrite will contain the Zoom meeting link. The homework is to explore your own personal carbon footprint using the WWF calculator. Please come armed with your total carbon footprint in tonnes (not as a percentage).


The following is covered during the 2-hour training session:
Environmental basics
Industry’s impact
Carbon calculation
Production case studies

This training is aimed at those who are UK based and work in creative departments, ad agency production depts, production companies for both motion and stills, and crew. If you work in advertising but not in one of these sectors we recommend a familiarisation session instead - please see below. Please note this is NOT training on how to use the carbon calculator. For this, check out our resources here and sign up for a webinar here.

This training will count as 2 hours towards the IPA CPD Diary, and you will be issued with a logo upon completion, to use wherever relevant to you (hint: it works well on an email signature with a link to the AdGreen website!)


This one hour familiarisation session is aimed at large groups within an organisation, and is also appropriate for those not directly involved in production (e.g. account handling teams).


This training will include an introduction to AdGreen, and where the project sits within the Ad Net Zero Action Plan. It will cover the fundamentals of climate science, our actions and their impact (both as organisations and individuals), simple steps which can be taken to reduce your impact, and an introduction to the AdGreen carbon calculator. It will also provide practical demonstrations, with an example of a typical shoot abroad, a step-by-step guide to reducing a production’s carbon budget, case studies and next steps.


You will leave the training with a firm understanding of the CO2e emissions of ad production. If you are looking to supercharge your organisation’s carbon literacy, and gain the tools and knowledge required to work collaboratively to move your organisation towards a net zero future, this is the session for you.


If you have previously attended a Sustainable Production Training session, then you will not need to attend the familiarisation, as it will cover the same content in a cut-down form. This session is free, and can be offered both online and in-person (travel expenses may apply for the in-person option). Please note, it is only available to companies who support the levy; you can find out more about the levy here.


These sessions will count as one hour towards the IPA CPD Diary. Please email to find out more.