Group Training

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Group training

AdGreen training can be watched by a group or company team at the same time if you would prefer. This is a great way to start conversations within your company and ensure that everyone is equipped with the same knowledge.
In order to do this, we would recommend the following set up:

  1. Everyone in your team registers as individuals for the same session time (there is no upper limit for numbers of people who can attend each session).
  2. One member of your team connects to the session and displays their screen for the whole group to watch.
  3. Everyone in your team should answer the questions individually, while watching as a group, and will then be sent a completed training badge.
  4. The rest of your team connects to the session (through their individual registration link) on a phone, tablet or laptop- making sure there is no sound playing.

There is an opportunity to pause the session for up to two hours at a time, to allow for discussions or breaks.

Note: If you would like to book a session in further in advance than is currently being displayed, or at an alternative time, please contact so we can arrange this for you.

Company trained pledge

If your entire company has completed the AdGreen training module, either as individuals or by watching as a group, you will be able to request a ‘Company Trained’ badge to display on your website and social pages.

To do this, you will need to provide the names of your employees, so these can be checked against our training list. Please contact for more information.

For new employees joining your company, we would ask that companies who display the ‘Company Trained’ badge commit to the pledge below.

All companies displaying an AdGreen ‘Company Trained’ badge agree that any new employees will take the AdGreen training module within 6 months of joining the company, unless there are good reasons that mean they are unable to do so.

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