A step by step guide for individuals working at suppliers

These steps are recommended for those working at suppliers, to learn about AdGreen, sustainable production, and emissions resulting from campaigns.

We suggest individuals work through the steps, engaging with any they feel is relevant, and skipping any they don’t.

Step 1

Watch the AdGreen Overview video to get up to speed.

This video covers what we offer and how we can support you to reduce production emissions.

Running time: 23 minutes

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Step 2

Our Sustainable Production modules covers climate science and key climate terminology, how carbon is measured and reduced, the advertising production industry and its impact and the AdGreen carbon calculator.

Running time: 40 minutes

Step 3

While we don’t yet have a resources guide for suppliers, you can read the resources guide for production companies.

This guide covers steps individuals can take to lower production emissions, questions you can ask your production partners, and information on how to use the carbon calculator.

What next?

Read the 2022 AdGreen Annual Review to find out more about industry emissions.

Watch the ‘annual review for production companies’ event recording for inspiration of how other companies have started to embed sustainable practices into their organisations and productions.

Read case studies by other companies to get inspired.