There are likely to be unavoidable emissions in almost every advertising production footprint and to be carbon neutral you will need to offset them. As part of the AdGreen carbon calculator, you can predict carbon emissions, enabling you to allocate money in your budget to offset the unavoidable emissions at the end of your production. Once your project has been reviewed by the AdGreen team, you'll be able to access the Offsetting Hub direct from your final footprint.

WHAT IS OFFSETTING? Offsetting is the act of purchasing carbon credits to compensate for greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere. Each carbon credit represents one tonne of carbon that has been reduced by a verified carbon finance project. More and more companies are choosing to offset their unavoidable emissions by supporting impactful carbon finance projects around the world.
Offsetting costs £10.50 per tonne plus VAT through the Offsetting Hub. Remember, only unavoidable emissions should be offset. Everything else should be eliminated where possible - use our Resources for ideas, tips and tricks. And the more you reduce, the less the remaining carbon will cost to offset.
We are delighted to be working with Ecologi to deliver our offsetting. Ecologi is a B-Corp certified social enterprise, facilitating the funding of the best climate solutions by supporting verified carbon reduction projects and responsible tree planting projects around the world. Please note, offsetting through the AdGreen Ecologi page will currently include supporting both carbon removal and carbon reduction projects. If your organisation is working towards a zero carbon status, you will need to purchase offsetting directly with Ecologi or your current offsetting partners, to ensure you support carbon removal projects only.


To deliver our Creative Offsets scheme, we have selected Ecologi – leading experts in carbon collaborative climate action. Ecologi’s offset projects are all verified by either the Gold Standard or the Verified Carbon Standard, ensuring the carbon offsets are of the highest quality.