There are likely to be unavoidable emissions in almost every advertising production footprint and to be carbon neutral you will need to offset them. As part of the AdGreen carbon calculator, you can predict carbon emissions, enabling you to allocate money in your budget to offset the unavoidable emissions at the end of your production. Once your project has been reviewed by the AdGreen team, you'll be able to access the Creative Offsets hub direct from your final footprint.


Offsetting is the act of purchasing carbon credits to compensate for greenhouse gas emissions released into the atmosphere. Each carbon credit represents one tonne of carbon that has been reduced by a verified carbon finance project. More and more companies are choosing to offset their unavoidable emissions by supporting impactful carbon finance projects around the world.


Offsetting costs £9 per tonne plus VAT through the Creative Offsets Hub. Remember, only unavoidable emissions should be offset. Everything else should be eliminated where possible - use our Resources for ideas, tips and tricks. And the more you reduce, the less the remaining carbon will cost to offset.


To deliver the Creative Offsets programme, AdGreen (along with albert) have selected Natural Capital Partners – leading experts in carbon neutrality and climate finance. Natural Capital Partners’ offset projects are validated and verified to internationally recognised third party carbon standards. By offsetting through Creative Offsets, you will support a portfolio of high quality, impactful REDD+ projects that reduce emissions from deforestation and forest degradation, protect biodiversity and deliver additional sustainable development impacts to local  communities in line with the UN Global Goals. Projects will be selected quarterly and will be chosen by AdGreen and Natural Capital Partners. AdGreen have chosen to work with Natural Capital Partners so that we can be confident that the money spent on offsetting will guarantee the emissions reductions occurred and that the projects will deliver environmental benefits to the natural environment and the communities living in them. To issue carbon credits, the projects must prove that the emission reductions are real, permanent and additional – which means they would not have occurred without the carbon finance.


The projects in the programme are verified to internationally recognised carbon accounting standards approved by ICROA and are regularly monitored and audited. Supported by essential carbon finance, the management systems of the projects help protect large areas of forest. The projects hold a large buffer of carbon credits for compensation in the highly unlikely event that unforeseen deforestation or wildfires should occur.