Along with transport (both on the ground and in the air), how spaces are powered is a big part of a production's carbon footprint. Our partnership with BAFTA's albert initiative means that companies working in advertising production (including suppliers) can access the Creative Energy programme by filling out a simple form. 


Every two years, albert find the greenest supplier to suit your needs. Creative Energy is pre-negotiated access to the cleanest, greenest, planet-protecting business electricity tariff on offer.


How is the energy sourced? Who supplies it? Watch albert's video for a tour of Creative Energy in under 60 seconds...

Renewable energy often comes at a premium. But power comes in numbers, so if a number of us move to the same provider, then we’ll get a much better deal - making 100% renewable electricity financially accessible to all those in the creative industries.

The current supplier is GOOD ENERGY, whose power is generated from 100% renewable sources including sun, wind, biogen and water, from their community of over 1500 independent generators across the UK. Good Energy was one of only two suppliers recognised as ‘deep green’ in a Which? Magazine review of 24 domestic energy suppliers in October 2019.


Use this form to enquire about renewable energy for your space, whether it's a studio, production company, advertising agency, casting studio or equipment rental company office. See our Data Protection Policy for the full story on how we protect and store your data.

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