Five easy things were so 2017! Whether you're agency, production company or supplier, commit to going BIGGER and BOLDER in 2018 with these suggestions for a cleaner and greener office, and productions with a smaller environmental impact:


The renewables industry is booming and 2018 is the year to jump on the bandwagon. Our friends at BAFTA's albert initiative run the Creative Energy scheme, helping those in the creative industries to switch, and securing great group discounts from their supplier partner, Good Energy. Current deal not up for renewal yet? No bother, just drop the Creative Energy team a line and they'll remind you when your switch date is coming up, and send a quote.


Still not convinced? Check out this blog from residential renewable supplier Bulb, detailing all of the amazing developments in clean energy during 2017 (you can also switch your supply at home whilst you're at it!).


Travel is often the biggest part of a production's carbon footprint, and a large portion of the budget too, especially when you add hotels, airport transfers and per diems. This year, commit to reducing your travel (and carbon) spend by ditching unnecessary flights. PPM abroad ahead of a shoot? Skype it. Recce in Scotland? Take the train. Dream DP in LA? Look to homegrown talent instead. And when a team of ten assorted agency, client and exec types want to come along to that cool shoot in New Zealand, you know what to do... 


Unavoidable flights? Include some money in your budget to offset them. Usually around 3-5% of your total flight budget will cover it, but you can always check it with your chosen offsetting scheme in advance. We like this one (bear in mind it's in euros). Offsetting is the replacement of carbon you have released into the atmosphere, with oxygen to counterbalance it, by planting trees for example. Offsetting should be the last resort, for unavoidable carbon emissions only, once you’ve done everything in your power to reduce the impact of your shoot.


Want a sustainable production framework to base your shoot around? Wish you could get the agency more involved in the conversation? Or maybe you're a TV Producer who'd love to know what can be done on your next shoot?


You're in luck. After our work with Ogilvy last year, we created an online Sustainable Production Agreement, giving production companies a series of check boxes to work through, ideally whilst bidding. Once completed, a list of what's been deemed achievable is emailed to the production company and agency, aiding discussion right through from bidding to shoot. Plus there's a handy PPM slide template on our new agency section


Having a relaxed start to the year? Put some time into setting out how you want your company to run their office. Not sure where to start? Well, we’ve got a bumper checklist for you to work through here, plus a template memo, which you can tweak and then send to any freelancers or new starters.

So get to it! Replace those old school light bulbs (and recycle the old ones!), get some freebies from your water company to help you use less around the office, switch to a hybrid or electric car and courier company, and find homes for all the hero props and wardrobe lurking at the back of that cupboard. You can also upgrade your production bag with a lovely laminated set of bin signs, Nespresso pod recycling bags and some canvas bags for those Haribo runs.

And if you're in one of those buildings where someone else is in charge of the energy tariff and what time the heating comes on (no matter how hot or cold it is), talk to them. You might just save them a bit of money by switching to a renewable tariff and a more efficient heating system!


The whole world needs to move towards a circular economy, and we're no exception. Here's how... reduce and reuse before recycling people!


At the bid stage, consider what will happen to everything you'll be left with upon wrap. First work out how to reduce it (e.g. water bottles -> water cooler + BYOB), then look at what items and materials you can reuse or hire instead of buying new. If you've got a big set build coming up, consult a company like Dresd. They can advise on how to construct it so that the maximum amount of materials can be salvaged and reused, and they can provide build and strike crews. Most importantly, Dresd will 'hire' you the build and dressing materials from their salvage yard, which will go back to them at the end, ready for another shoot. Lastly, work out a rehoming plan for what you purchase. Our Rehome Your Leftovers page has suggestions for wardrobe, props, and food, plus details on how to recycle lightbulbs, Nespresso pods and hard drives. Finally, there's general recycling and composting. After reducing and reusing, this is the last resort (nope, not landfill). If you're not doing this on set yet, get a company like Quantum Waste involved in your next shoot, pronto!

And thanks to the guys at Do The Green Thing for providing a few of our images! They're champions of using creativity to tackle climate change. 

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