Today marks an important step in the journey of the AdGreen Carbon Calculator - albert's updated carbon calculator and certification toolkit has been launched! Following the launch of Creative Offsets, these two products form the cornerstone of albert’s offering to the TV and Film industry, helping production teams to measure their carbon impact as well as take active steps towards reducing it. As part of AdGreen's strategic partnership with albert, these two tools will form the basis of AdGreen's own carbon calculator and certification scheme, to be rolled out later this year.


The new global version of albert's carbon calculator has been achieved thanks to investment from Fremantle, the global television production and distribution company, which allowed albert to develop the calculator into an international product. The AdGreen Carbon Calculator will include the same international carbon factors, meaning advertising productions taking place all over the globe can be measured once the tool is launched later this year.


Alongside the updated calculator, the albert Certification criteria have also been refreshed to recognise the increased opportunities available to productions to reduce their impact. TV and film productions will now be required to answer a wider variety of questions, with the pass threshold raised from 30 to 55%. In addition, productions will be required to offset any unavoidable emissions, using the Creative Offsets hub, to successfully receive the albert Certification logo. Again, the AdGreen team will be looking at how the certification criteria can be adapted for advertising production later this year and will roll out a similar scheme.


Aaron Matthews – Head of Industry Sustainability at albert said; “Our certification logo is a badge of honour for productions to add to their end boards and is a lovely way to recognise the efforts they’ve gone to, to reduce their environmental impact. "


The toolkit’s launch is being complemented by a series of free webinars that members of the TV and film production community are encouraged to join to understand more about how the calculator works. If those in advertising production would like further information about the AdGreen Carbon Calculator and it's relationship to the albert tool, please email


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