A step by step guide for individuals working at production companies

These steps are recommended for all those working at production companies, to learn about AdGreen, sustainable production, and emissions resulting from campaigns.

We suggest individuals work through the steps, engaging with any they feel is relevant, and skipping any they don’t.

Step 1

Watch the AdGreen Overview video to get up to speed.

This video covers what we offer and how we can support you to reduce production emissions.

Running time: 23 minutes

check your progress

Step 2

Our Sustainable Production modules covers climate science and key climate terminology, how carbon is measured and reduced, the advertising production industry and its impact and the AdGreen carbon calculator.

Running time: 40 minutes

Step 3

Register for a carbon calculator account for your organisation or as an individual, to start measuring your carbon emissions on a production.

Please see if your company already has an account by checking the drop down list, before selecting ‘my company isn’t on this list’.

Accounts are free to set up, and everyone working in advertising production around the world can create an account.

Step 4

Once you have set up your calculator account you should read the resources guide for production companies.

This guide covers steps you can take in your role to lower production emissions, questions you should ask your production partners, and information on how to use the carbon calculator.

Step 5

The next step we recommend is to watch our Fast Footprint training video.

This short module demonstrates how you can quickly complete a draft carbon footprint for your advertising production, by using your budget as a guide.

Step 6

Now that you have the information you need to gather and enter your data, the next stage is to complete a footprint!

It is important to complete footprints so that yourselves, your agency partner, the brand and AdGreen can analyse the data – we recommend only including completed footprints in your dataset when producing reports and any which are not submitted for review may be incomplete and missing crucial information.

Step 7

If you are working directly with the brand, you can check if your company is registered to collect the AdGreen levy – if they’re not click the link below. Next, make sure the levy is added to your production cost estimates.

The AdGreen Levy is a recommended 0.25% of the cost to produce an advertising asset – that’s just £2.50 per £1,000 spent, and is capped at £2,500 per production.

This funding allows us to continuing offering the training, calculator and resources to the industry.

Step 8

Once you have completed a number of projects, you can pull this data and start to analyse the data as a collective.

Download the CSV from the projects page in the carbon calculator to access all project data in one go.

What next?

Read the 2022 AdGreen Annual Review to compare your data to the industry average.

Watch the ‘annual review for production companies’ event recording for inspiration of how other companies have started to embed sustainable practices into their organisations and productions.

Read case studies by other production companies to get inspired