AdGreen founder Jo Coombes does the maths on how production can cut emissions and save more than a few pounds too. You can read the full article here on the LBB website.


Yesterday I read ‘Arctic warming: scientists alarmed by ‘crazy’ temperature rises’. I wasn’t going to write about this year’s APA Masterclass session, but after reading that terrifying article, I decided it was worth sharing what I spoke about earlier this month. My AdGreen mission this year is to have people understand how carbon is related not only to climate change, but also to what we do within advertising production. This will help us all to reduce it – and save money in the process. The Masterclass was my first chance to get people thinking about these ideas and I wasn’t about to waste it. 

Just as in the previous two years, after a brief introduction to AdGreen, I wheeled out my ‘Climate Change in 60 Seconds’ video. Current scientific consensus is that we need to stay well below a temperature increase of two degrees celsius if we don’t want even bigger changes to life as we know it. As the video explains, we started measuring the temperature of the earth’s atmosphere in the early 1800s, when we started to burn fossil fuels instead of wood during the industrial revolution. Currently we’re just above one degree of warming, which we hit at the end of 2015. If we carry on as we are, we’ll likely hit 1.5 degrees around the 2050s-60s (just as we see the arctic ice disappearing in summer).

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