AdGreen advocate Rachel Smy, Group Environmental Manager at Ogilvy had Campaign publish her thoughts on the latest round of events and action in adland – and asks what happens after the strikes…


“What if I told you a huge opportunity for real (and fast) progress was in front of our noses? And has been for years? Over in TV land, Bafta helped bring sustainability project Albert to life, after taking ownership of the initiative from the BBC. The programme (aimed at those working in TV production) comprises carbon literacy training, education partnerships, production carbon footprinting, accreditations for productions going above and beyond, and most recently guidance on how to communicate the climate emergency on screen. 

It is a fantastic blueprint that can be adapted to our industry very easily, especially with the assistance of an organisation such as AdGreen, which has been working to make production more sustainable for many years now. Ogilvy has worked closely with AdGreen for more than two years and we are hugely supportive of the work and vision, but AdGreen needs more supporters and investment. If the IPA, ISBA and Advertising Producers Association were to get behind AdGreen in the way that Bafta has for Albert, surely we are all on our way to significantly improving our environmental performance?


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