jo-coombes-headshotShots sat down with AdGreen’s founder Jo Coombes to discuss why she started the initiative and how it’s going so far. Read the full article here.


With the launch of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals last month, and the COP 21 climate summit in Paris at the end of the year, sustainability is a seriously hot topic right now. We all know how expensive shoots can be financially, but what about the environmental cost? From lighting and transport to the relentless caffeine consumption resulting in a mountain of empty Starbucks cups, it’s hardly setting a shining example of sustainability.


Enter AdGreen, a new initiative supported by the APA that’s aiming to make commercials production a bit, well, greener. With 20 UK production companies, including the likes of StinkIconoclast and Park Pictures already signed up to the preliminary phase, organisers are looking to boost numbers and get people involved in setting a sustainable standard. Below, the brains behind the operation, freelance production manager Jo Coombes, tells shots about the small steps that can make a big difference and how going green doesn’t mean getting into the red.


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