AdGreen’s Carbon Calculator launches at the end of this month and it’s time for any company that wants to reduce its productions’ carbon footprint to start getting involved, writes LBB’s Alex Reeves


How much impact does the advertising you’re making have on the environment? Increasingly, brands need to know this. And increasingly, agencies, production companies and anyone else making advertising needs to know the carbon footprint of their productions. The AdGreen carbon calculator launches on September 29th. Which means if you’re in any way producing advertising, you’ll be able to measure your impact like never before. Because, if you hadn’t heard, the world is in an absolute state thanks to humans belching carbon out into the atmosphere. And brands are, rightly, stumbling over each other to prove that they’re doing something to help prevent a catastrophe.


As the mission statement reads on the AdGreen website, “It’s only by understanding our actions that we can make changes – measurement drives behaviour.” If you want to start driving down the carbon footprint of your productions and driving more sustainable behaviour, AdGreen is encouraging you to pre-register now. Only companies can register, enabling their staff to have access to the carbon calculator, either to input data or to review it. To speed things up, AdGreen’s developers will do a bulk set up of companies ahead of the tool’s launch on September 29th. AdGreen is inviting companies to register using the form here. Once a company is registered, staff will be able to apply for access immediately once the tool has launched.


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