Rachel Smy, Group Environmental Manager at Ogilvy UK – and big time AdGreen advocate – has been interviewed by Creative Brief about the effect of the agency’s business on the environment. Read the full longer article online – here’s an excerpt:


Rachel Smy“…Smy has more specific advice when it comes to specifically what agencies can do to shift the environmental debate. One of those is working alongside AdGreen, an organisation set up by Jo Coombes and backed by the APA to enable more environmentally sustainable production methods. Smy worked alongside Coombes to develop a set of sustainable guidelines.

Smy reveals that in fact, many production companies were already operating sustainably; they were just relieved that someone was drawing direct attention to the problem, because “it wasn’t really talked about.”

Taking steps like these and getting involved with initiatives will inevitably benefit agencies, believes Smy: “They [clients] want to align themselves with businesses who have got ISO 14001, who are working with Change the Brief, who are working with AdGreen, who want to be part of this change.”

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