Reducing food waste by donating to charities like City HarvestThe ‘Why We’re Loving’ feature focuses on AdGreen this week –  read the full article here. Also in the print edition 18th November 2016.


Why did you set up AdGreen?
After working on a few particularly wasteful shoots, I felt I had two choices: leave the industry, or do something about it. I chose the latter. Since autumn 2014,  AdGreen has been testing ideas, working with suppliers and enabling sustainability adopters. We recently relaunched our website with a range of tools to facilitate greener production.


What are you asking people to do?
Production companies are invited to use the online checklist, which provides a framework for reducing the impact of their shoot. As a production manager, I understand that time is often lacking; the checklist provides links to resources that quickly communicate what is expected of crew and suppliers. Other tools include copy-and-paste test for the call sheet, recycling signage and a list of rehoming suggestions for food and props.


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