A Q&A with AdGreen founder Jo Coombes –  read the full article here.


If you ask them, most people in advertising production would say they care about climate change and sustainability. In their personal lives most people probably recycle as much as they can, buy locally sourced organic produce and try not to take long showers. But in their professional lives so many still jet around to shoots on every continent and throw mountains of on-set waste into landfill.


AdGreen founder and freelance production manager Jo Coombes knows how daunting the prospect of greener production is because for the past two years she’s been pushing against the way things are done, challenging unsustainable practices. AdGreen exists so that others can join her in this crusade: educating the ad industry on climate change and sustainability, and supporting production companies in acting more sustainably by developing best practice. If you’ve ever wondered what you can do to take on climate change, the AdGreen website is a great place to start. We sat down with her to find out why.


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