Our new reviewing policy for projects in the carbon calculator goes live in October

As we look to simplify the use of the AdGreen carbon calculator for our users, we are pleased to announce an update to our project reviewing process.

From Monday 9th October, only projects which meet both of the following criteria will be reviewed:

      1. A budget of at least £50,000 in total (or equivalent in other currencies) AND
      2. A total footprint of at least 2 tonnes CO2e

We have made this change as a result of analysing frequent amends that were needed on projects before they could be completed over the last few months. As the same amends kept appearing, we decided to build checks into the data entry process, rather than wait for a project to be submitted to then flag them with users. You may have noticed the prompts which have recently appeared as you enter data into the calculator. For example, when you enter details for air travel, you will be asked if you also need to add airport transfers. These prompts are here to replace the most common questions we were asking users when they submitted projects, and will enable those submitting projects which will no longer be reviewed by our team to feel confident that they have shared the necessary information to complete a project.

These prompts will also benefit those working on larger projects, as it will cut down the amount of checks our team will need to make when they review projects, speeding up the approval time.

You can find more information on our new reviewing process here: AdGreen Reviewing Policy Update.

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