If you read our 2022 Annual Review you’ll know the amount of carbon that was produced by 515 productions last year. And if you didn’t read our review, well now is your chance!

Over the next month we are going to look at the four activity areas from the AdGreen Carbon Calculator in more detail, but before we do that we want to look at the bigger picture.

2,446.1 tCO2e was emitted as a result of the 515 advertising projects completed in 2022.

To give that some context, that is equal to the emissions generated by building, transporting and installing 18 100kW wind turbines.

And we know this figure is going to go up in 2023, as we expect more projects to be submitted, and larger (more representative) ones at that. Over the next few years we hope to build a clearer picture of the carbon emitted by advertising production, so we can support the industry in its efforts to reduce them.

Follow the AdGreen account for a more detailed analysis of how these emissions are being made, and what we can do to reduce them.

If you don’t want to wait, then download our 2022 Annual Review to see the data for yourself!

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