Tobi Oludipe, Team Assistant at AdGreen, shares her experience of travelling from London to Brussels by coach, inspired by the travel data from the AdGreen carbon calculator.


  • There are significant savings to be had when opting for shared road transport over flights
The coach

Last month, my church family and I embarked on a memorable journey from London Victoria to Brussels, Belgium, choosing to travel by coach. It was an experience I would gladly repeat. 

The trip took approximately 11 hours compared to a 1 hour and 30-minute flight, but the experience and benefits made it well worth the extra time.  

Choosing the coach over flying significantly reduced the environmental impact. While a flight would have emitted 0.2 tonnes of CO2e, our coach journey only produced 0.02 tonnes—just a tenth of the emissions. This night coach service was a delightful way to travel, allowing us to fall sleep in London and wake up in Belgium, feeling refreshed and ready to explore. 

This experience aligns perfectly with the insights from the 2023 AdGreen Annual Review, which highlights that flights account for over 60% of total project CO2e emissions and opting for shared road transport (where possible) will make a huge difference. I encourage you to consider alternative modes of transport for your next trip, as you might find it more enjoyable and rewarding than you initially thought. 

My choice to travel by coach was inspired by the dedication of our team to reduce emissions in the advertising industry. Everyone's commitment to sustainability motivated me to opt for the more eco-friendly route, proving that with a little consideration, we can make travel both enjoyable and environmentally responsible.



If you want to reduce your impact, check out the carbon calculator to help you measure. You can also the AdGreen resources to help you reduce!