Dentsu Group, Inc. announced that it has launched the “Decarbonization Initiative for Marketing” with the aim to visualize and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in supply chains related to marketing communications in Japan.

Dentsu has signed a letter of intent with AdGreen regarding global collaboration for the development of standard tools in the future.

As part of the transition to net-zero, governments, organizations, and companies around the world have begun to calculate GHG emissions in supply chains associated with their economic activities (Scope 3 emissions). In the United Kingdom the “Ad Net Zero” initiative, led by three advertising industry organizations, was launched in November 2020 to support this transition. The broadcasting and advertising industries in Europe and the United States have already established the operation of calculators to calculate GHG emissions, and as of 2023, applicant companies for the Cannes Lions will be asked to voluntarily measure their CO2emissions.

Meanwhile, in Japan, advertising production and marketing processes, emissions factors, customs and language are quite different from those in Europe and the United States, so unique customization is required. With an eye to these global trends, dentsu is developing a variety of solutions and working to visualize GHG emissions on a process basis in marketing communications by combining them in an integrated manner, with a primary focus on dentsu EMEA. Dentsu Japan, in association with Metaverse Production*2, has already launched a GHG emissions visualization tool. Dentsu will also be supporting its clients in their efforts to reduce GHG emissions and provide consulting services for risks such as greenwashing. The launch of the Decarbonization Initiative for Marketing is intended to accelerate these efforts throughout Japan.

This initiative, in collaboration with AdGreen, will drive the development of a Japanese industry-standard GHG emissions visualization tool that will be evaluated more precisely and globally in the medium- to long-term for various service lines of marketing communications in Japan, including advertising and content production, media delivery, digital solutions and events. Dentsu also hold regular review meetings with stakeholders involved in advertising and other marketing communications in Japan aiming to discuss their ideal vision for the entire industry toward the realization of a low-carbon society.

Going forward, dentsu will continue to contribute to the sustainable development of marketing communications that connect consumers and society, and work toward the resolution of societal issues through closer collaboration with their clients as well as by implementing the Group’s management policy of Business to Business to Society.

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