Leading International Industry Trade Bodies Unite with Ad Net Zero, Green The Bid and AdGreen In Endorsement Of New Hard Drive Use Best Practice 

The guidance, developed by Green The Bid, Ad Net Zero and AdGreen, aims to significantly reduce carbon emissions in production and lessen the burden on natural resources implicit in excessive hard drive usage.  

Unlike the film and television industries, where hard drive reuse is common practice, the global commercial production industry primarily uses hard drives as single use items, often purchasing as many as two or three per shoot day of a production. Additionally, many more drives are frequently used throughout postproduction and archiving on every project. This unnecessary practice comes with an average carbon cost of 250kg CO2E for every hard drive used.  

Demand for new hard drives also wreaks havoc on the Earth’s natural resources, with global mining for hard drive materials currently being extracted at a rate that would require three planets to meet projected needs by 2050. Additionally, The UN also just issued a report predicting that we will generate 82 million tons of e-waste in 2030, and that we already generate enough to fill enough shipping containers to circle the earth every year, illustrating the importance of reducing our footprint from data usage and storage. 

In unanimous agreement, the above trade bodies for the ad industry endorse the statement that ‘So long as hard drives have been wiped and tested before use, all “Enterprise Class” drives can and should be reused multiple times during the manufacturer’s stated warranty period and provided such reuse would not put the production company in breach of any of its contractual obligations.”