Once a project has been submitted for review, the AdGreen team will perform a number of sense checks:

  • Getting a sense of the project by looking over the attributes provided e.g. number of shoot days, budget etc – this gives an idea of what kind of things we should expect to see and from which contributor company
  • Looking at each activity area in relation to the project details, to see if there are any activities we think might be missing, or there that we wouldn’t expect, or activities that feel too low or too high against our internal benchmarks
  • Looking at the detail of each activity to see if data has been input correctly

After the review is done, we’ll add any messages for the contributors and mark the project as either ‘Complete’, or ‘Amendments Needed’. The contributor companies who need to make amendments will then receive an email notification. After the amendments are made by the relevant parties, the project can be resubmitted for review.