Last week, a group of eager green production enthusiasts gathered at The Mill’s 1st floor space. For our third Green Production Get Together, we welcomed guests from BAFTA’s albert initiative, as well as crewing company Connection Crew. As ever it was a great mix of agency staff, production company in-housers and freelancers, crew and suppliers.

Jo imparting some green production wisdom

Jo imparting some green production wisdom

After a bit of mixing and mingling, the assembled crowd sat down for Jo’s recap of Five Easy Things, before hearing from Michelle Whitehead, who heads up albert’s Creative Energy scheme. The project, which has been running for two years, has seen the albert initiative partner up with Good Energy to offer competitive prices for renewable energy, as well as support for those companies in the creative industries wanting to make the switch. From over 2000 carbon footprints collected by albert, we know that fossil fuel based electricity use accounts for around 60% of a production's impact. In this day and age, most of us understand that renewable energy is better than digging up yet more fossil fuels, but Good Energy client contact James Tennyson gave us a bit more info on what to look for in a renewable energy supplier, including questioning the traceability of the supply, and whether it is 100% renewable (and backed up by the REGO stamp). So far the Creative Energy scheme has helped over 30 businesses make the switch, including TV production companies Cactus and Studio Lambert, and camera rental house Take 2 - who recently became certified carbon neutral. The collective amount of carbon saved so far is a WHOPPING 2853 tonnes - the equivalent of flying a jumbo jet 30,000 km. On the back of this particular GPGT segment, we’ve created a switcher form - simply enter a few details and Michelle will get back to you with the next (very simple) steps to get you on the path to greener energy. This one change will have a large impact on the total footprint of our industry so it’s well worth looking into, even if your contract isn’t up for renewal just yet.

Connection Crew's Charlie

Connection Crew's Charlie Dorman

Connection Crew have been long time supporters of AdGreen’s work, coming to our first event over a year ago. When Robin Beshoori and Charlie Dorman asked to be a part of GPGT3, it was a no brainier. The company train their staff for a variety of crewing projects, from events and conferences, to film sets. Connection Crew work with a number of charities to train those who have previously been homeless, and these particular folks make up around a quarter of their total workforce. They’re keen to work more within the advertising industry - think of them as you would Gallowglass, available by the hour (minimum 2 hour call), to help with large load ins/outs, as well as supporting art depts, construction crews, and rigging teams. For more info on how they could help on your next shoot, drop Robin a line.

Come on down and Play Your Carbon Right!

Come on down and Play Your Carbon Right!

To round off the evening, we played a hotly anticipated game of Play Your Carbon Right, complete with glamorous assistant in the form of the APA’s member services coordinator, Kati Hall. First tested earlier this year at the APA Masterclass, the game, which is based on Bruce Forsyth’s 90’s classic, aims to help production and agency teams understand the carbon impact of various shoot related activities, from recycling water bottles to flying business class to Cape Town. Understanding the carbon cost of actions that contribute to a shoot, as well as budget implications, helps us to understand which cuts will make the biggest savings - both in carbon and in cash. To get a basic understanding of what your own footprint might be, check out the excellent book, 'How Bad Are Bananas', by Mike Berners-Lee.

Thanks as ever to The Mill, their first floor space was a great venue (and meant no one had to sit on the floor like last time!) and the beverages are always much appreciated. To those who came, we hope you left the event inspired to make some changes on your next shoot, and to your energy supply!

See you in the autumn for GPGT4, where we will be focusing on the changes caterers have been making, as well as discussing some new technologies coming our way which will help us reduce our carbon footprint when on location.

A great time was had by all on The Mill's 1st Floor
GPGT Chit Chat
The audience soaking it up

You can see all the pictures from the event here.