TLG Focus 2016

The Sustainability panel: (L-R) Aaron, Jo, Amy, Laurence, Nick

Thanks to Sargent-Disc for their write up of the December 2016 event – read the full article here.

Focus 2016 is an annual event held at the Business Design Centre in London, which brings together service companies, film and television commissions and producers from over 50 countries. Dr Laurence Sargent, Director of Sargent-Disc, was invited to Chair a panel of experts discussing ‘Sustainability: how do we increase collaboration across the creative screen industries?’

The panel covered all sorts of issues, from environmental advocacy and practical tools – to how collaboration can help to reduce the carbon footprint of production. The panel included Aaron Matthews, Environmental Sustainability Advisor for the Albert Consortium at BAFTA, Amy Lemisch, Executive Director of the California Film Commission, Jo Coombes, the founder of AdGreen and Producer Nick O’Hagan.

Climate change is a major worldwide issue. At the Paris Global Climate Conference – for the first time in history, 195 countries united to sign a single agreement on tackling climate change. The Paris Agreement, limits global temperature rises to 1.5 degrees above pre-industrial levels. Heralded as a game changer, cracks in a the international consensus are starting to appear – and there is uncertainty on the impact of a new US administration.

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