To help keep all our resources, tools and training free at the point of use, AdGreen has today announced the launch of a voluntary levy.


The AdGreen Levy is being introduced to enable advertisers to contribute a small percentage of relevant items in the production cost estimate towards AdGreen’s operational costs. The AdGreen Levy is a recommended 0.25% of the cost to produce an advertising asset – or £2.50 per £1,000 of relevant spend. This figure will be reviewed annually and the percentage will likely reduce as more advertisers decide to contribute.


The levy is paid to those producing work for the advertiser (‘Principal Production Partners’ or PPPs for short), and then passed onto us. We recommend the levy is added to production cost estimates by participating PPPs from 1st June 2021. The first payments to be passed to AdGreen will be those paid by participating advertisers from 1st July - 30th September 2021.


It is hoped that any advertisers using AdGreen’s tools, training or resources will chose to contribute. The levy has the full support of the industry trade bodies including the APA, AOP, IPA and ISBA and Unilever and Nestle are already confirmed as levy contributors.


Richard Ellis, Operations Director Team Unilever at IPG says: “The carbon emissions target currently sits at a 68% reduction by the end of 2030. At MullenLowe Group we recognise the urgent need to tackle climate change and we feel that responsibility in the way in which we operate for ourselves and our clients. The AdGreen Carbon Calculator will be a robust and valuable tool that will not only be able to accurately measure all aspects of carbon emissions from production but crucially will also identify better solutions. We are actively encouraging all of our clients to support AdGreen and adopt the production levy.”


Take a look at our levy page to find out more – download the full levy guide and register to contribute, or as an organisation who will collect payments on AdGreen’s behalf. We hope you’ll join us.


To hear more about the levy, join our webinar on Thursday 13th May with AdGreen's project director Jo Coombes who will be taking everyone through how the levy will work and how to get involved.