Last week on Rogue's Skoda shoot, we tried out a few basic measures with our crew. As well as having separate bins for dry mixed recyclables (paper, card, plastics and metals), food waste and general rubbish, those attending were encouraged to bring their own reusable cup and bottle to the locations in Hertfordshire and central London. As well as being able to fill up at the location on day one, the caterers provided larger 5 litre bottles that smaller bottles could be refilled from. Call sheet printing was also minimised, and only about half the usual amount were given out.


Day 2's efforts in regulation Paper Round bags: only 2 out of the 6 bags here are going to landfill!

Reception to the 3-bin set up was largely positive, especially since everyone had been warned via the call sheet that there would be recycling facilities on set. On the 2nd shoot day we used Paper Round to collect the three types of waste, a company which collects for free once companies have signed up as customers and purchased their bags up front. This makes it very cost-effective, and leftover bags can be kept in the office or production bag for the next shoot. Only waste in their bags will be collected, so you do have to be a little organised in advance. However the signing up process was pretty laborious, and if Paper Round were to offer a longer term solution to shoot waste, we'd need to work with them to simplify it.

Being on location was tricky when it came to unit moves, and best laid recycling plans came a little unstuck with so many people and facilities to get set up. It was a while before bins were out again and the caterers had a hard time trying to tell everyone where to put different bits of waste in the mean time. However, it's all a process and we have to start somewhere. Eventually this will all become common place!

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