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These free, 2 hour online training sessions are an opportunity for those working in the production of advertising in the UK to understand the key challenges we face, as well as what can be done at every level to promote environmental sustainability. Sessions are held as follows (except bank holidays) and spaces are released via Eventbrite 2 weeks in advance of each session.

Mondays at 2pm
Tuesdays at 10am
Wednesdays at 2pm
Fridays at 10am


Please note that over the Easter holidays, summer school holidays and in the run up to Christmas, sessions are cut to 2 per week. They will be suspended over the Christmas break.

Trainees who have reserved a space will be sent some short homework (20 mins max) the day before the session - and email reminders from Eventbrite will contain the Zoom meeting link. The homework is to explore your own personal carbon footprint using the WWF calculator. Please come armed with your total carbon footprint in tonnes (not as a percentage).

The following will be covered during the 2-hour training session:
Environmental basics
Industry’s impact
Carbon calculation
Production case studies

This training is aimed at those who are UK based and work in creative departments, ad agency production depts, production companies for both motion and stills, and crew. If you work in advertising but not in one of these sectors we recommend you attend one of our familiarisation sessions instead.

This training will count as 2 hours towards the IPA CPD Diary, and you will be issued with a logo upon completion, to use wherever relevant to you.

These free, online sessions are for those working in advertising to understand the key challenges we face, as well as what can be done to facilitate campaign creation on a reduced carbon budget.

This session will count as 1 hour towards the IPA CPD Diary.

Details to follow.